Watsu and Aquatic Integration

Watsu is a form of therapeutic body work performed in warm water pools. I have been trained as a Watsu and Aquatic Integration practitioner by Cameron West and have been offering these sessions for many years.

Here’s are a trio of videos by Marcus Miller who created these as part of a series to celebrate the 1st decade of Watsu .

People come to me for Watsu for many reasons, including relaxation and relief from stress and pain. It has been an excellent application for people who have severe disabilities, including intellectual and physical disabilities. I integrate my Watsu practice with my experience in swim instruction to help people have an expanded experience of the water. By floating in a gravity-free environment, people are able to relax more deeply and I am able to move and stretch the body in ways that are more difficult when out of the water. And there is no need for you to be able to float on your own.  You will be be fitted with floatation supports as needed for your body type.

Aquatic Integration is an adaptive form of Watsu that gives me more liberty to personalize your flotation experience.


$100 for a 1-hour session

Contact me for current availability and to discuss your aquatic needs

at (760) 529-2488 or MyAquaticConnection@gmail.com

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