Swimming Lesson Fees

Over the years I have had the privelege of working with many people in and outside of the water and I feel confident in bringing  the aquatic experience to all ages and abilities, including people who are uniquely abled.  I offer lessons for an age range from infant to adult and ability levels ranging from non-swimmers to advanced swimmers.

Private Lessons

In a private lesson, we can find your starting point and go from there. I have a gentle, patient and knowledgeable approach created from years of experience with a spectrum of students of all ages and needs. I teach all skill levels with several specialties, including fearful students and those with special needs. Contact me for current availability and to discuss your particular request.

Semi-Private Lessons or Split time?

Semi-private lessons are good for families or groups with two to three students who are close in their abilities and maturity level. Each student receives individual attention as well as group instruction. Splitting the lesson time is offered beginning with 45 minutes.  This works well with students who would be swimming back to back, one for 20 minutes and the other for 25.

Group Lessons

Groups typically consist of four to five students who are close in ability and maturity level. Students are given some individual attention but mainly group instruction activity.


I suggest an enrollment of  6 lessons and  then evaluate the progress.

  • Private Lessons
    • $45 for 30 minutes
    • $60 per hour
  • Semi Private Lessons or Split Time
    • $50 per 45 minutes
    • $60 per hour
  • Group Lessons
    • Rates begin at $75 per 45 minutes class with up to 6 students of similar ability and maturity level. Cost sharing works best if a set of lessons is agreed upon and paid up front.


Contact me for current availability and to discuss your aquatic needs at (760) 529-2488 or by email at MyAquaticConnection@gmail.com

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