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Above the Best

I found Erica on the web and felt comfortable with her from the day we set up a date for my first lesson. Because Erica has years of experience as a swim instructor and has been a swimmer all her life, she has the best to offer her students when it comes to swimming and having fun in the water. As an instructor, Erica is sensitive to a student’s fears and anxieties of the water, and she finds ways to work through these impediments. Erica’s wisdom, creative thinking/imagination, sense of humor, patience, supportiveness, and expertise as a swim instructor place her in the ranks of the best swim instructors one can ever hope to learn from. I have taken ten lessons from Erica and have learned how to swim. Now I am taking extra lessons from her to improve my technique and strokes. I recommend Erica highly and with no reservations. – Mary

Extremely Happy Results

Erica quickly tuned into the needs of my two grandchildren and began working on the skills they needed to pass a Junior Lifeguards Swim Test. They have improved their strokes and breathing skills immensely! She is patient, fun and has the gift of Teaching. We are Extremely Pleased! (The Quality of Instruction is excellent!) – RW

Awesome Instructor

I am no expert swimmer, but I will say my confidence around water has improved and I am no longer afraid of being near the water. We are about 4 or 5 lessons into it and it is only getting easier and I am happy that I found Erica. – Rosy

Very Comfortable in Water Now

This is my first attempt to learn swimming and I loved it!. Erica concentrates on teaching us the breathing techniques, which makes a lot of difference while swimming. She is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience. I took one of my friends along for the classes. She was very scared of water but now she is very comfortable in water. All thanks to Erica. – Sowmya

Great Instructor!

Both my husband and myself took lessons from Erica and we were very pleased with our lessons. She took great care in teaching basics (specifically breathing and stroke techniques) and she is very patient and gentle. She also was very encouraging and we progressed quickly. Her skill in the water inspires us to emulate her swimming expertise. – Rita and Ed

She Taught Both My Boys to Swim

Erica worked with our boys, now ages 8 and 5, for four consecutive summers. With each, she started at the beginning, teaching water safety and a healthy respect for the water. She also used a “play to learn” approach that made lessons fun. Sometimes I think they didn’t realize they were learning to swim!  Both boys learned very quickly under her instruction and Erica did a great job of introducing skills separately and combined, at the rate in which they could learn. My youngest enjoys the lessons so much that he asked for a swim lesson with Erica for his fifth birthday. With my oldest, I am impressed to see how much technique he has acquired at such a young age. Both enjoy their time with her so much and have become strong swimmers who are very confident in the water. – Christine

He Didn’t Even Know He was Learning to Swim

Erica began working with our grandson when he was a month past his third birthday.  She made the process such a happy one for him, he never even realized he was learning to swim.  Now, at age four, not only does he swim well, but it is a joy to see how comfortable he is, and how much he enjoys being in the water.  Thanks to Erica’s gentle manner and strong guidance, our grandson has developed a skill which will bring him enjoyment throughout his life. – Lyn 

Recommendation of Erica Myers

As a mature woman who is retired from my professioni, I now have time to pursue a life-long desire of relearning the skills of swimming.  I have an instructor who I am extremely happy with. She is very patient and perceptive. She is very encouraging and is successfully helping me to work through some pool anxieties that I have. She has been instrumental in reestablishing my confidence that has long been dormant.  She always offers practical suggestions as to how to work through any anxiety, or even better ways to perform a certain swim stroke. I feel encouraged about the progress that I’ve made. I would recommend this accomplished instructor to anyone, either child or adult, who is looking for a quality swim instructor.

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