About Erica and The Aquatic Connection

I have been a swim instructor for more than 30 years, and I have had the privilege of working with students across a very broad spectrum of age and ability.  This includes the very fearful, the awkwardly shy and all the way to opposite end of the spectrum to the recklessly bold and fearless.  I have had several years’ experience with uniquely abled students, whether that lay in the physically, mentally or the emotionally challenged ranges.  And sprinkled liberally amongst all those have been the wonderfully typical as well as the surprisingly gifted and highly coordinated swimmers. I have come to see every student as a gift that is specially wrapped in their own life’s experiences and potential and all that needs to take place when we meet is to find our starting point.  What is the Aquatic Connection?  The place where we meet to discover and realize potentials: yours, mine and ours.

Students with Fears and Blocks

Fears and blocks are prevalent, aren’t they?  When we encounter them in the water it takes not only an understanding of the swimming skills we need in order to manage ourselves in the water but also a mental and emotional framework to accompany that skill building.    I don’t expect my students to just “get over” a fear or an impasse.   My experience is that fear does not just disappear; but it will usually diminish gradually with clear, guided steps, time and practice to deal with the fear and its history.  Students are supported through their lessons with patience and understanding.  I offer skill progression and incorporate a consistent focus on relaxation.  Fear can be reasonable and rational  or unreasonable and irrational. Either way we have created a mechanism to keep us  ‘safe from the danger’. that in one way has worked.  After all, we’re alive!  But in another way it’s preventing us from moving on with other goals.

Skill Building

We’ll work with skill sets specific to Breathing, Balance, Floatation, Propulsion and Movement.  In a word: Watermanship.  Every movement in the water is comprised of these elements in varying combination.  With a clear understanding, mixed with patience, practice and perseverance we will discover what your potential can be.

I have been trained in the following:

  • 10 years of competitive swimming
  • (WSI) Water Safety Instructor
  • First Aid certificate is current
  • CPR & AED  certificate is current
  • Lifeguard Training
  • All YMCA swim instructor certifications
  • Watsu (aquatic floatation therapy) Levels I,II,III
  • Massage Therapist
  • Shiatsu for Aquatic Body Workers
  • Aquatic Integration Levels I,II
  • Ongoing course work with TheInnerRevolution.org:
  • Living With Reality
  • Consciousness Boot Camp
  • Intuition Training
  • Intuitive Counseling and Hypnotherapy Training

I am based in North County, San Diego and will travel a 25-mile radius distance from Escondido  to your pool.

Contact me for current availability and to discuss your aquatic needs at 760.529.2488 or by email 

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