Swimming Is a Life Skill!

The notion that swimming is a life skill seems obvious doesn’t it?   So many lives are saved yearly with this important knowledge. Yet fear or lack of opportunity keep many people from learning to swim and it may take a lifetime before discovering and experiencing the personal safety and the many gifts offered by the water.   If you’ve been thinking it’s too late, or concerned that you’re just never going to get past those blocks, please reconsider.

Meet me at the Aquatic Connection, the intersection where together we discover the mind, body and spirit’s potential for developing skills and techniques,  safely strengthening the muscles while exploring the possibilities offered in this amazing and magical environment of water.  The water suspends us and challenges us but also allows us freedom of movement found only in this place of little gravity.

I invite you into my world where there is no expectation, no judgement, no needless competition, and no rigid ideas about how you should learn or how much you should learn.  I have only the sincere desire to help you reach whatever is your potential in the water.  Mastery of new skills brings us confidence to face other challenges in our lives.  It doesn’t matter if you are 4 months or 84 years, a beginner or a competitive level swimmer, the approach is the same, always focused on what may be possible. So, welcome to the co creation of this journey with me.

A note to my beginner students:  I believe that you need to learn without pressure so you will better retain the skills you’re being introduced to.  We’ll learn by discovery of the properties of water and we’ll have fun!  We’ll practice personal safety, a methodical approach to overcoming fear, if it is present, and we’ll develop effective swimming skills from the beginning.  There will be an emphasis on breathing comfortably, balance, simplified swim skills and watermanship – the ability to  move through the water at will.

Intermediate and advanced swimmers learn stroke technique in all four competitive strokes as well as sidestroke and elementary backstroke. Lessons in lifesaving and personal safety continue.

Private lessons conform to each student’s needs.   Group lessons are great fun and mutually supportive as well. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

I have more than 30 years of experience as a swim instructor.  I’ve been a competitive swimmer, a swim team coach and have integrated a great deal of life’s experience and work outside of the water back into this program that I offer you with love, dedication and passion.

Please browse through my site to learn more about my services, including Watsu and Aquatic Integration, my rates and client success stories.

Contact me for current availability and to discuss your aquatic needs at

(760) 529-2488 or by email at MyAquaticconnection@gmail.com


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